This is a loosely organized repository of projects, resources, media, articles, events, etc.


Readings, required

18 Green Artists Who Are Making Climate Change a Priority , Huffington Post, 2014 (for Sep 11)

What is Dark Ecology by Timothy Morton (for Sep 25)

The New Climate – Bruno Latour (for Sep 25)


Readings, Recommended

— Bruno Latour & Simon Schaffer, What’s the Body in The Body Politic? Sovereignty, Identity, Ecology, Sep 2017

— Excerpts from The Return of the Virtual (for Nov 07), Chapter 1 from Rob Shields’ book The Virtual – Really good concise explanation of virtuality as a historical and philosophical concept.

— Ken Wark, critique of Bruno Latour’s Lectures on Gaia in Verso, Oct 17.
Excellent overview of ideas of Nature as a cultural, historical construct. Great references.

— Timothy Morton, “Ecology Without Nature,” pp 65 -72 from Depletion Design, A Glossary of Network Ecologies, 2012. Also great essays by Jussi Parikka (Dust Matter, p 53), Zack Blas (Queer Darkness p 127), Hito Steyerl (The Spam of the Earth p 151)
See also: Slavoj Zizek lecture on “Ecology without Nature”

Jussi Parikka – Zombie Media  (essay) – Obsolescence into artwork.  Media archaeology as a creative endeavor.  Recycling.  Latour is quoted

Handbook of Virtuality (book) – Good source of essays considering links between myth / fiction / virtual experiences


VR + Mixed Reality experiences

OccultUs: VR “on rails” experience with physical sound effects / foleys

In the Eyes of the Animal: Simulating a forest from the sensory of animals. Uses LIDAR & photogrammetry scanning, and stereo audio samples from forrest

Giant: VR experience that uses haptic vibration to simulate explosions

Tree: by Milica Zec & Winslow Porter, same ppl as Giant. VR experience that also incorporates smell, air movement, temperature

Door Into the Dark, by Anagram. Blindfolded labyrinth walk, binaural soundscape

— Neurospeculative Afrofeminism – Hyphen Labs – podcast interview and project website.

— Technological Nature – film , installation , webVR experience

The Outlands – Haines & Hinterding


Interactive VR landscapes

Also the Levitation Grounds

Keiichi Matsuda – Augmented (hyper)Reality

— TEM – The Beacons Room-sized zoetrope with projected VR environment

— Studio Drift – Drifter


Interactive Architecture Lab – Palimpsest

— convivial studio, Kinedioscope

Radiohead / Universal Everything – Polyfauna virtual av environment app

Mária Júdová and Andrej Boleslavský, DUST VR 3D dance


Projection Mapping

— Box

— Robotically controlled projection screens and camera

— Illusionism meets Op-art meets Tech-bro trade-show performativity

— Lightform Automatic projection mapping commercial device. Developed by team behind Box project

— Komorebi: Studio and Platform for Generative Sunlight: Device to project simulated sunlight & shadows around a room


Light and Space movement

— PSAD Synthetic Desert III – Doug Wheeler 

— We Must Become Idealists or Die – Gustav Metzger

— Remember Nature – Gustav Metzger: call to action for artists dealing with climate catastrophe in 2015

— United Visual Artists – Our Time

— Kimchi and Chips

— The Light Barrier Third Edition

— Softlab, ‘Volume’

— The Lab at Panorama Music Festival NYC


Locative Media

— EDT – Transborder Immigrant Tool


Environmental Scanning

— Ecosynth – environmental photogrammetry

large scale landscape scanning with octocopter

— Joanie LaMercie – Nimbes


Sound-based Media

— New York Sound Map

— Janet Cardiff – FOREST (for a thousand years) – 2012 Site-specific forest sound installation

— Zimoun, kinetic sound installations


Immersive Cinema & Installation Art

Factory of the Sun – Hito Steyerl

Factory of the Sun uses the motifs of light and acceleration to explore what possibilities are still available for collective resistance when surveillance has become a mundane part of an increasingly virtual world. Factory of the Sun tells the surreal story of workers whose forced moves in a motion capture studio are turned into artificial sunshine.”

— Hito Steyerl – ‘Being Invisible Can Be Deadly‘ – Tate Modern interview

— Mona Hatoum – “Nothing Is a Finished Project” – Tate Modern Interview

Mat Collishaw – Sordid Earth

— The Weather Project – Olafur Eliasson , Tate, Turbine Hall, simulated sun

Francois Quevillon

Inigo Manglano Ovalle – “Climate” – Art21 interview

— Janet Biggs – cinema-essay installations about extreme environments

  Janet Biggs – Can’t Find My Way Home

  Janet Biggs – Stepping on the Sun

Janet Cardiff – Storm Room

— Jim Cambpell – LED light videos: Creator’s Project

— Florence To : Creative Applications interview


Experimental & Immersive Theater

— Augusto Boal – Theater of the Oppressed


Climate Change

The New Climate – Bruno Latour 

“The complete indifference to facts that marked the campaign is simply a consequence of claiming you can live without being grounded in reality.”

Climate Science as Sensory Infrastructure – McKenzie Wark

— Brian Onishi – Terror and Terroir

— Ecology and Design – CHRIS REED & NINA-MARIE LISTER

— Ecological Art on Monoskop


Activist Art

Mel Chin – Paydirt

Tactical Media at Monoskop


Virtuality theory

The Virtual (2003), book by Rob Shields book 

“In an opening chapter, Shields focuses on the historical continuity of the virtual, corralling ritual, miracles, Baroque architecture and transubstantiation together to depict an age-old virtualism intertwined with major aspects of human life”


Media theory

— Zombie Media: Circuit Bending Media Archaeology into an Art Method – Jussi Parikka and Garnet Hertz 

The Place of Phenomena – Symbolism of Place 



Broken Earth 3 book series – N.K. Jemisin : Earth is a being, and it’s pissed



Barbican accused of showing antisemitic film in science fiction season

Schwartzman’s “Reframers,” artists & designers working w alt perception