Climate Control

            Our Climate Control project was a projection based piece that explored the vastness of the universe and the small role we play in it. Climate change is ironically hard to see and experience while on earth. We only see what is right in front of us. The goal of our piece was to give audiences an outside perspective of our world and the climate we are changing. The piece consisted of two half domes suspended on top of each other. Between the two domes would be mirrors coating the exterior of the inner dome and the interior of the outer dome. Combined they create an infinity mirror effect where people can walk and reflect on the vastness of space. Within the inner dome, there is a suspended sphere with a projected texture of the earth rotating. Projected onto the interior of the dome was a space landscape which would be reflected on the floor. The audience would walk into the inner dome first and be confronted with a scaled down earth floating in seemingly infinite space. After exiting the inner dome the exit takes them through the infinity mirror hallway where they can reflect on the there own place in this vast universe.