Journey Into the Unknown_Neil&Kris

In this project, our team aimed to create a mixed-reality experience to send our audiences on a metaphorical journey of change in “climate”. We are using Alice in Wonderland as an inspiration, which depicts a transition that the main character goes through: she travelled from a familiar place to a destination that is unordinary in many terms. She was travelling into the unknown and was confronted by all these “crisis” and changes in her journey.

We chose to situate our environment in an ordinary park in the beginning of an autumn day. This environment would gradually turn into a more gloomy, out of proportion scene which leads to the feelings of unfamiliarly and put the audiences in a position which they have no control over.

These are screenshots from our designed journey – it starts off nice and warm, you are sitting on a bench in a park with puppies running around you; as the story progresses all of a sudden you are shrinking and became of extremely small in relation to the dog, and become cautious of its intention; eventually leaves start falling overwhelmingly and one giant leaf would cover you underneath and the world turns to darkness.


Below are the selection of props we used:

Left: wet dirt and fallen leaves for the smell of autumn
Middle: soft fur to simulate the feeling that small dog go through your legs
Right: ballon and cups to spout hot airflow with pressures to feel the dogs sniff


Here’s a video of our final choreographed mix-reality experience.

Selected user feedback:

The plot is imaginative and rich, with the dog growing up and sniffing from top” the user indeed has a feeling of shrinking. After the huge leave fallen down, she felt insecure and didn’t know what will happen later.