A Look Into the Imagination – Coco, Julia, Kuldeep

  • Narration

The image reflects a Surrealist natural world, located at the seaside area. The painting is supposed to be embodying post noon time of the day.

  • Concept

We are creating a mixed reality environment installation, using projection mapping and sound design, that reflects a surrealist environment, inspired by the artwork, Diary of Discoveries by Vladimir Kush.

The installation will provide the audience with a pleasant , miracle, and illusory experience.


  • Prototypes

Prototype 1:

Prototype 2: 



  • Changes

The prototypes helped us reach the conclusion:

  1. The installation lacks immersiveness.

  2. It is flat and seems 2D.

  3. The surrealist nature of the installation can be explored by playing with the dimensions of the installation.

So we decided to play with the dimensions in the final version.