Haircut Walkthrough – Srishti and Kuldeep

Our dark walk consisted of a sensory experience of getting a haircut at a salon. For recreating the experience, a swivel chair with height adjustment was used on which the user was made to sit. The chair was then raised to simulate adjusting of height of the chair by the barber. A cloth was draped on the person and a pair of scissors were used to recreate the sound of scissors. A spray bottle filled with perfumed liquid was sprayed in the air to create an auditory and olfactory experience of hair being dampened. This was alternated with the scissor being moved around the head of the person and slight touching of locks of hair. At the same time, very thin strips of paper were cut perpendicularly right next to the ear of the person to simulate the sound and texture of cutting of actual hair. Autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) was referenced. There were footsteps in the room and a tap at a distance was turned on to get the sound of water flowing to represent someone’s hair being washed, or an employee washing his/her hands. After the ‘haircut’ was over, we used a little bit of wind to simulate the use of a blowdryer. Then the cloth was taken away and the experience ended.