Way to the top – Kris & Julia


To create a narrative walk to be experienced without sight, rather using sound, tactile and kinetic elements to convey meaning.


Going mountain climbing.


  1. Getting ready → Put on a windbreaker, backpack, cap and hold a water bottle
  2. Begin to climb → to the staircase
  3. Take a picture → raise up arms, click with index finger, shutter noise
    1. Turn around and take more
  4. Summit → taking jacket off, feeling a breeze, wipe sweat off,  hear birds
  5. Meditate → sit down, listen to meditation
  6. Eat packed snacks → feel a candy bar, drink water
  7. Leave → climb downwards

Props to bring to class:

  • Jacket
  • Water bottle
  • Cap
  • Recording of birds
  • Snack bar
  • Recording of meditation


  • At the “top of the mountain”, feeling the breeze help convey the sense of height. Also, turning around and letting their feet dangle helped with the sense of height.
  • If the person leading takes a deep breath, the person being guided is encouraged to do the same.
  • It’s a different experience if we let the person touch the railings.
  • The action of putting on the jacket could be confusing without the weight or feeling of the fabric.
  • The hand gesture of meditation is instantly recognizable to some cultures.