Bending the Everyday – Neil & Kris

In this project, we aim to create a projection map onto an “everyday” object to change its appearance and alter its perceived meaning, purpose, or value. This is a collaboration between Neil Liu and Kris Li.

Prototype 1

Together we brainstormed and created two lists of actions and daily objects we’re interested in. By picking out of a hat, we decided to create the visual journey of a minion running through obstacles by transporting through the hoop of glasses.

Prototype 2

In this second iteration, we hope to embed the “journey” in a daily setting and create a more natural narrative.

We chose the kitchen on D12 and incorporated the paper towel dispenser, a chair, and a water bottle.


The Project setup was divided into two parts, projected with 2 projectors:

  1. Background (MadMapper): Video textures and Sound Visualization
  2. Foreground (Keynote): GIF and Masking

The imagery shown on the surfaces are sound visualizations generated by the background soundtrack.