Bending the Everyday – Jeana Chesnik

.if windows could dream.



Originally I wanted to play with projection mapping and window reflections. I had an expereince while on a bus to Maine over the summer that sparked inspiration for this project. I sat next to a woman in her 70’s and as the trip went on I started noticing our reflections in the window. At certain angles when I would look in the window her hands looked as if they were mine.  It caused me to think about reflections and how one day I’ll have hands like hers and how different that will feel to look in a mirror or window and see another version of myself yet older. I thought it would be interesting to explore the idea behind reflections and how we relate to what we see looking back at us.

I ran into some difficulties for creating the imagery I was aiming for so I changed my concept slightly to think of a window coming to life and what it would dream about if it could. Possibly dream of a another view instead of it’s still fixed image that it sees day after day. This playful story begins once the window falls asleep and dreams of visiting an ocean view far away from where it currently resides. I started to play with the idea of the plant visiting the window while it’s dreaming. These objects take on another element in the evening as they dream together.