Nature of Man

Luis Celomundo, Andreas Wiberg Sode, Otso Sorvettula

Nature of Man is a video installation poem that represents a human being life from the distance, his/her relation with nature through a minimalistic and symbolic laboratory/chapel for humans to meditate and observe. Who controls whom? Is life lived by humans or are humans lived by life?

Spirulina algae grows and lives in the “aquarium altar” in a controlled and clinical environment, the monitors represent this life in different forms, showing the microscopic images of this algae and then mapping them into different representations of digital life forms that evolve and “grow” in real time using a computer program composed of different types of algorithms.

The observer of this piece immerses herself/himself into the reality of someone that controls a supposedly controlled environment: is he or she finding meaning and beauty just in the search and analysis of his or her own nature in relation to the environment? Or is he or she lost in translation with the environment hence failing to understand the meaning and dynamics of nature?