Yin Chiung Shen

Control is an interactive installation discussing the illusion of human control over nature and technology. New technologies as instruments of control, humans have come closer than ever to anticipating the unpredictable nature, which makes we too confident to believe that humans could control everything in the world. Can humans control the nature? Or are we just deceived by our technology superiority?

Technology was used as an ironic metaphor in this piece for controlling nature. Visitors put their hands into the water to control the realistic digital cell pattern in real-time. This installation thus offers the meeting of several realities in a shared interworld, where humans control the real nature- the movement of water and a fake nature created by technology- the movement of the digital cell.

Control also aims to challenges the visitors to get their hands dirty to interact with nature. This approach calls for a physical and emotional commitment in the experience, in the hope to bring more reflections on the relationship between humans, technology and nature.