Bending The Everyday – Alya & Pratheek

Brief : Pick an object, 3d scan it, modify it so that it’s meaning changes. Use projection mapping to project the edits on the object to form a cohesive narrative.

A showpiece. A broken porcelain phrenology head.



The inspiration for the further stages of the project were the disappearing ice caves of the Mendenhall glacier. There exists a type of tourism which solely focuses on visiting places before they disappear. This entire affair, seems tragic at some level. The commodification of nature even though our actions are rapidly causing current conditions to deteriorate, is appalling at some level.
We decided to use the broken head as a representation of the human and the indirect effect human actions have, on themselves. The loops bring back our trash and damage to us.


We edited the head to make it melt, just like the glaciers, to form an organic, dissipating form, that is barely recognisable as human. We intended to portray the transformation of the human, to something unrecognisable and distorted, driven by the actions of our species.


We intended to map the head initially to the object and slowly show the transformation into the morphed figure. However, the difference in focussing distance and a few other technical nuances made this unfeasible in the given time frame. As a result, we projected the edited object, in a scaled down manner, and provided it with motion to depict transformation and  degradation. Elements of glitch and noise were added, to add a sense of discomfort and to allow a transition between the various effects used.