input | process | output | MIDTERM

Aalto + Parsons

By: Allison Ing, Tuomas Lehtomaa, Shirley Leung, Tiffany Piko, Marjolein van der Loo

Artificial Weather

Due to humanity’s unwillingness to bear responsibility for climate change and thus, creating ‘Acts of God,’ we created a virtual speculative universe that analyses one’s goodwill and place in society to determine whether or not the individual can get into this artificial space. There is no winning. There is no way one can get into the space no matter what they input as the answers. This game is a commentary the privilege and at the same time, allows us to reflect on questions of access. 

Questions in Survey:

Do you have a lot of Instagram followers?

Do you make a lot of money?

Do you recycle?

Do you deserve to get in?