No Man’s Land (Continued) – Anny, Jackie, Archit

Building on our concept during Climate Control… concerning the existence of no man’s lands and demilitarized zones around the world– manufactured landscapes resulting from historic political oppositions. There is a compelling narrative of irony in these spaces, where man has forcefully inserted himself in nature, but can no longer return due to fear of remnant military weaponry, like landmines, barbed wire, and shrapnel. Because of this, the ecosystems have been given a second chance and species have flourished in these zones.

We want to expand on the aesthetics of the project,

A) with a stronger visual allusion to borders and green strips of land, using mirrors on each end of the installation facing each other to create a seemingly infinite “wall” in a limited space:

B) with more interactivity between Man (intruder) and nature, adding projections onto the floor that envelop and separate the user much like how oil doesn’t mix with water:

C) with alternative materials and experimental forms, that look more like organisms found in nature (fungus, algae, etc):


Aesthetic Prototype