Co-individuality – Carla Molins

As my project takes place simultaneously in two different spaces connected through a network to create just one entity, I was wondering if is it possible to recreate a Limen? ‘Limen’ are this ‘threshold’ spaces in which one is neither in nor out (Turner, 1974).

Also, if this could be possible thanks to technology, can technologies make present what is both absent and imaginary?

So, what technology I’m using for that?

I’ll be using OpenFrameworks networked through two different computers with camera that send each to each bytes of the images in order to get a blended and distorted output. Both cameras will get real-time images from each side and with Slit-scan decompose each line, send it to the other side and blend it with the line from the other side. The final result will be a combination of both images- people -individuals.

This first video shows how the Networking is working right now. Both Client- Server are connected and sending receiving data but I still have some problems with translating the receiving bytes.


This second prototype shows how the blending will work when both camera footage is merged.


I will keep working with the technical issues that I still have to solve.