Breathing Orange – Chouchou & Leah


Story Context


While finding that the cells are just like a group of people standing so close to each other that form an indivisible whole, we start to regard an orange as a small world and the cells inside as human beings. It is so crowded and enclosed. It’s juicy and cool. It’s a separated world while no other creatures could disturb.

To better convey the idea of being inside an orange and imitate the feeling experience, we wrote a short story, Monologue of an orange-man, to describe what an orange-man’s life like.


Iteration   I


In our first prototype, we focus more on the different senses we can experience inside an orange, which is still and static.We use a pair of glasses with red and yellow color on to imitate the visual part; the orange peel hanging on the glasses around user’s nose to provide fresh smell of orange. We create a small room full of orange balloons to generate a crowded and enclosed space with orange cells around. For touching sense, we pour water in a balloon to attach on user’s skin to help people feel like swimming in the orange juice.



Iteration   II


As an orange grows older, it is inevitable to shrink. The Earth does too. The temperature gradually raised up, glaciers melted, and rivers dried up. We designed it to be a dynamic environment when water vaporizes and peel starts to dry up as the mud.