Bending the Everyday- Lauren Malkani and Carla Molins Pitarch

“Geometric Optical Illusion”

We started searching for geometric optical illusions and we came across this really cool gif of a man animated in the center of a variety of shapes.  In our original design we had a wooden figure that we wanted to map out and project a distorted background onto.  However, we weren’t able to achieve what we had in mind with the figure, so we decided to play with a striped box and an animation over the box, in order to emphasize our aim of playing around geometry.  Our goal was to create the sense of an optical illusion on the box and play with the background’s texture.

We started with After Effects and created simple looping animations, then we set-up the blocks and started playing with the projector:


We had trouble mapping the the box and wanted to focus on the illusion of changing the shapes and altering the lines of the box.  We wanted the projected lines to work with the natural lines of the box.