Bending the Everyday – Chouchou & Kuldeep

Considering the meaning of a bottle, it is a container with water, the very opposite side with light, fire, etc. Thus we are thinking about burning fire in the transparent water, and use these two elements to mix and combine, to tell a story of climate changing in the miniature world, in the bottle. After trying several times, we found that making a projection mapping on transparent liquid is beyond our knowledge and far too difficult to achieve. So we chose the white Parsons bottle to be the object to project on.

The story begins with a bonfire burning more and more furiously until the clouds flow around and bring some raindrops.  Gradually be put out, the fire disappears and the sky turns to be darker. Although the rain is pouring down heavily inside, from the outside world where we are observing, it just looks like some cute naughty raindrops jump onto the window glass, mild, transparent, and clear.   Having nowhere to go, the rain fall on the ground start to gather as a pond, grow deeper and deeper. Finally retruning back to its everyday meaning, the rain form together, as normal as a glass of water.

We cut several videos together, mixed with music and used madampper to map the exact shape of the bottle to create the “container” of the story. As for shooting a nice video for projection mapping in a total dark environment, it is still a challenge for us.