Occupy Earth – Aalto Exhibition – March 16-20 2018

Occupy Earth is a collaborative course organized by Aalto University and Parsons School of Design in 2017-18.

The course has explored, through various hybrid “mixed reality” works combining virtual and physical dimensions, the polarized discussion of ecological structures, social realms, and environments we face as an earth-bound species in the 21st century. Occupy Earth has delved into themes such as illusion of control, environmental disruption and non-human agency.

The collaborative course exhibition will be held at Aalto Otaniemi campus from 16th to 20th of March.

See the work included in the exhibition.


Exhibition Opening: Friday, 16th of March, 2018


4pm – 5pm at the Foyer at Aalto Learning Centre

5pm – 6pm at the Otakaari 1, 2nd floor lobby



Exhibition Opening Times


Aalto Learning Centre

Fri 16th of March  / 4pm  - 6pm
Sat 17th of March  / 10am - 3pm
Sun 19th of March  / 8am  - 8pm
Mon 20th of March  / 8am  - 4pm

Otakaari 1, 2nd Floor Lobby

Fri 16th of March  / 4pm  - 6pm
Sat 17th of March  / 11am - 3pm
Sun 19th of March  / 8am  - 6pm
Mon 20th of March  / 8am  - 6pm