Carla Molins Pitarch

Co-Individuality focuses on the concept of the individual.  This piece becomes an exploration of a person’s identity and their relationship with other identities when they feel isolated.  Meanwhile, the fracture between Spain & Catalonia affects daily life, it generates anxiety and uncertainty among the population and, ultimately, isolation.  Although this instance of isolation emerges from a political situation, the focus of the piece is not on the conflict itself. Instead, it approaches the point of view of a culturally uprooted person.

The goal is to answer one question: is technology able to represent what happens in the liminal space of communication across a border? This liminal space is where everything is possible: what cannot be real in the real world can be real in this space. The answer is a telematics experience shaped as a combination of two camera images / people from two different ends creating an illusion of control of their own communication.