Questions for Partners

What do you want to make and why do you want to make it?
What qualities do you want this work to have?
What are the objects (nouns), actions (verbs) and qualities (adjectives) involved?
What qualities do you want the experience of the work to have?
What is the story of your project?
Who is your audience? Who needs this or might be interested in this?
How do you personally relate to this project?
Why you? What unique perspective you bring to the project?
Why do you think this is interesting, why do you think anyone else should care about this work?

Why are you making this project?
What is the most important aesthetic issue, question or aspect of your project?
Or, what role do aesthetics play in your work?
What role does color play in your project?
What role does scale play? Form, shape, style, composition?
What importance does material have in your project?
What adjective(s) would you use to describe the desired look and feel for your project?
What problem or variable do you want to address with this prototype?
How can you prototype for these?
What are ways to visualize consequences of these aesthetic choices?

How does someone engage with the work? What actions are involved? What is the relation to the body?
How would you describe the core experience of the work? How can you test for this?
What adjectives would you use to describe the experience of the piece? How could you prototype for these?
If interactive, what type of feedback should the piece provide?
If a game, how might you play it in real space?