Final Project Deliverables

Three final deliverables are due on December 12th in class, required to receive your final grade:

  1. design document (details below)
  2. edited video documentation of final project
  3. slideshow presentation from final critique

Design Document:

Your final design document should be approximately 2 pages of text or 1000 words, plus about 2 images, as needed to synthesize the elements below concerning the concept, research, prototyping and testing for your final project. This doc should be formatted as a PDF, emailed to your faculty, and posted to the class blog.
Label the document with your last names, course name and year, like this: CreanHenry_OccupyEarth_f17.pdf. Label the blog post with your names and the project name.


Design Document Structure:


Begin with an overall project summary, otherwise known as an abstract. It should be a short 1 paragraph summary of your research, concept, goal and technical prototyping. (~1 paragraph)

Concept, design questions, goal:  

Summarize your concept, content, structure and aesthetic. What design questions have guided your process, and what is your hypothesis? How does your work relate to the concept of the real, virtuality, and mixed reality? What is the goal of the project, and why do you feel it is important? (~1-2 paragraphs)


Describe the context of the project. What are your overall domains of interest and research? What are 2-3 central precedents? What is it about these projects that you would like to build on? Why are you interested in this area?  (~1-2 paragraphs)

Audience & experience:

Who is the project intended for? What is the core experience or mechanic? Outline a very basic user experience flow. Focus on the narrative qualities of the experience, considering how the environment presents itself, and makes the user feel at each stage of the interaction.  What new information or perspective does your experience enable? (~1 paragraph)

Technical Production:

Technically, how does the project function? Summarize your back-end development. Clearly specify any software, hardware, frameworks or libraries used, and explain how you integrated them into your project. (~1 paragraph)

Prototyping & testing: 

Summarize your prototyping strategy and your experimentation through making. What conceptual, aesthetic, interactive, usability or technical variables did you test for, how did you do so, and what was the outcome? What were the central issues you needed to overcome in your making, and how did you address these in the final work? Provide 1-2 images and video as needed.

Note: It is not enough to only show visual images of the prototype. YOU MUST SHOW DOCUMENTATION OF PEOPLE INTERACTING WITH YOUR PROTOTYPE, and you must describe how you incorporated your user test results into new iterations of the work. (~ 2 paragraphs)