Climate Control

Brief: Gather research material, generate insights. Switch insights with another group; process received insights. Generate a project related to prompts and insights received.

We first received a lot of literature on how religious fanatics disregard climate change and their stand on it. We also received some evangelical literature that hammered down the point. We speculated on the spiritual and religious aspects of engagement and how they might compel or push away some to think of certain things, within any context for that matter.

We utilised materials received from the other group, which included stones. We found the form and symbolism of stones to be very interesting. We also utilised the keyword ‘feedback loops’

We came up with a game, that speaks of climate control, through co operative gameplay and stagewise revealing of a narrative. The narrative spoke of feedback loops, and tried to bring this concept across through the nature of gameplay as well.


Gameplay: Stones are placed on the geometric form’s vertices. These nodes and vertices form a mathematical graph, representative of the complex feedback loops involved in climate transition and change. One group of players resides in NYC and the other in Helsinki. We both take turns, moving the stones, to form various configurations on the graph. . On a sub-pattern on the board being completed, a video would play on the board.The more complete the graph, the more nodes and edges it can incorporate, the more complete the narrative.
On creating a complete bipartite graph, the narrative is completed, and all the videos are revealed, which together make up the narrative of feedback loops and how human actions cause climate change through long reaching consequences.