3D Objects and Environment Scanning



Photogrammetry Software

3D Object Modeling / Manipulation Software

  • MeshLab – free – “quick and dirty” 3D model viewer (with format conversion and other features)
  • *MeshMixer* – free – model modification, sculpting, warping, remixing, etc.

more advanced:

  • Maya – free for students, advanced 3D modeling, rendering, and animation suite
  • Blender – free and open source Maya alternative, potentially easier to learn

see also, for environment / architecture / product design modeling:

  • Rhino – 90 day free trial, engineer-focused modeling, good for physical design / 3D printing
  • SketchUp – free version, good for quick architectural design and mockups


Photogrammetry Info

Perspective and Imaging

Golan Levin – views on perspective

Example of image-merging techniques to digitize insects:

Photospheres & Environmental Lighting

Volumetric / 3D Video

  • James George presentation – founder of DepthKit / Scatter

Generative Environments